MOMOKO : February 2008

Organized Mess

Materials look like floating around, but they are actually submerged in a solid clear epoxy resin that is yellowing-resistant. The resin is glossy and sturdy, and easy to clean. The surface is flat, but it looks 3 dimentional. Produced in December 2007 with secret recipe. It mainly consists of found objects, to reveal a part of my secret.

pizza for one

close-up of "piazza for one"

"Pizza for One" is made of found objects and some acrylic paints. The whole thing is submerged in clear resin.



The photo left is a middle portion of a mixed media collage work I made last month. The surface is also varnished with epoxy resin to protect the papers. This is a paper collage.



Abstract Art

What do you see in abstract art? There's no incorrect answer to what you should see. Use imagination, Make up your own story and be convinced with it. Your story is the subjective truth you live with. Ultimately, it's not only about abstract painting, but also everything in life is about how you view things.


Now Available at Two On-line Venues

Collage Art of (my own gallery) Under Construction :( but you can take a peek:

Alos, my artworks are availabe at online gallery (not my own gallery). Visit


Progress of My On-line Store

In the past few months, I had done all kinds of things to have my own on-line store, and at last I have given up on the idea of "my own" store, at least database-driven store. What I discovered was, having my own "database-driven" store is as complicated as building a car from scratch. Its maintenance requires a team of good computer programmers specialized in web developing. And what if anything goes wrong? Obviously I cannot fix it, so a technician has to be on top of it at all times just to run such a store. Running a manually edited store is an absolute NO, for I cannot possibly maintain it. My opinions about those services have not been solidified yet, although I started seeing some clues on what may work and what may not work for me.


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